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We always focus on the miracle of motherhood. And there is certainly a lot to celebrate. But nobody likes to talk about how challenging the transition to motherhood can be. After all, it’s a time that we are supposed to be grateful for. So many women have a difficult time even admitting that their postpartum experience is anything less than spectacular. Mom coaching especially might be the perfect solution!

But as magical as motherhood is, a magical wonderland of ponies and rainbows isn’t exactly an honest portrayal. And measuring yourself against the new mamas who meticulously highlight their best lives on insta is an unfair assessment that can leave you feeling less than adequate.

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A new brand of life coaches has emerged to fill this support need. New mom coaches are stepping up to help women gracefully transition into motherhood or navigate adding a new baby into the mix with existing children. It might seem like there is some sort of helper for every stage in becoming a new mother. But new mom coaches provide invaluable support assistance, and they are just one part of the village that it takes to raise a family.

The Truth About Being a New Mom

Adding a baby to your family is a big change, and every mom deserves to have a support system that can help ease the transition. And a growing trend across the US is using a new mom coach that can help you build appropriate support networks for this next phase in life.

While millions of women had come before and handled the postpartum period with grace, just as many have struggled with the transition, and many of those women have suffered silently because our culture doesn’t like to talk about the inconvenient truths of motherhood. We want women to believe that it is honorable to nurse their babies, but we don’t want to talk about how painful and sore your nipples can become.

Our culture wants women to feel fulfilled by motherhood, so we don’t talk about the unhealthy balance we create when we direct all our energy to care for our children and don’t tend to essential self-care items. And we want mothers to feel strong and empowered so we don’t talk about the toll that sleepless nights and fussy babies can take on us.

But this idealistic view is full of half-truths. The real truth is that no two babies and no two new mothers are exactly the same. It can be difficult to figure out feeding routines, calm a fussy baby, or simply get the everyday household chores done when you aren’t getting much sleep. 

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What is a Mom Coach?

A new mom coach can play a key role in your support system by helping you navigate new territory, providing a sounding board for your frustrations, and offering a little extra encouragement when you need it. But most importantly, a new mom coach is someone who can help you build a network of support that extends far beyond one coach.

While the niche career of a new mom coach is a relatively modern concept, the basic goal of providing support is a common theme from one provider to another. The differences lie in how one provider defines support. Some coaches are focused on your physical health, helping you lose baby weight and build your confidence through self-esteem and a positive post-pregnancy body image. Other coaches are focused on emotional support, providing various therapeutic activities designed to help you explore your feelings. Other types of new mom coaches include spiritual advisors, nutritionists, and lactation consultants. 

When looking for a new mom coach, consider your goals and begin with someone who aligns with those values. 

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Who Needs Mom Coaching?

Every new mom should consider the potential benefits of using a new mom coach. Between pregnancy and postpartum, motherhood is full of fast-paced changes that can leave you struggling to catch up. For the sake of living your life intentionally and not always trying to catch up, a new mom coach can provide a proactive solution for this time in life.

A new mom coach may be a good fit for:

  • Mothers who have anxiety about preparing for life with their new baby.
  • First-time mothers.
  • Mothers who plan to return to a full-time job after maternity leave.
  • Mothers who plan to leave the workforce to become the primary caregiver.
  • Families who are adding a sibling.
  • Families who are fostering or adopting a child.
  • Mothers and families who prefer to plan and talk things through with someone.
  • Mothers struggling with the changes of motherhood.
  • Mothers who feel they lost their identity in motherhood.
  • Families who want to improve their relationships, including couples who need to focus on their marriage after adding a child.

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What do Mom Coaches Talk About?

Coaching is a highly personalized service. But the chances are that your coach is willing to talk about anything challenging you or causing anxiety. Just because women have been having babies since the beginning of time and we perpetuate this false idea that we should be inherently capable does mean that motherhood is an easy transition for anyone.

For working mothers, there is often a lot of stress revolving around planning for maternity leave, how long to take off, and how to handle returning to work after a prolonged absence. And certainly, almost none of these things go smoothly.

Many more mothers discount the emotional commitment to being a stay-at-home. After all, society tells us that it’s a cake job. But anyone who has had this gig knows that it is anything but easy. It can be difficult to go days or weeks without having meaningful adult interactions. And sometimes it’s difficult to keep up on the housework or remember to wash your hair because all day, every day seems to revolve around keeping tiny humans alive.

And the changes that babies bring to the family dynamic are diverse too. The relationships between the mother and her other children or between a mother and her spouse inevitably change to accommodate a new baby. Coaches spend a lot of time talking with their clients about shaping this growth for a positive outcome.

These conversations might look like help setting up new schedules and responsibilities for the family or learning how to ask your partner for more help around the house. Coaches talk to their clients about boundaries, personal relationships, careers, and personal goals. 

Many coaches offer a great deal of flexibility, even offering on-demand and virtual sessions to meet the chaotic and ever-changing schedules of a new mom who may not know when their next free fifteen minutes will come. And if dads or even the entire family is interested in joining the conversation, many coaches are willing to serve the entire family’s needs.

When Should You Start Seeing A Mom Coach?

There is no perfect age or perfectly suitable time to start a family and become a parent, and it ultimately comes down to you and your partner and the type of lives you lead. You can start seeing a mom couch, even if you are in the process of trying to get pregnant

Stress, anxiety, and depression can have a negative impact on our nervous systems, which further affects fertility. Having a mom coach can help you power through some of those feelings we get when attempting to start a family. 

There is no shame in asking for help at any time in your life, especially for expecting mothers. Putting you and the baby first is the central concept of prenatal and postpartum care. Prenatal mom couches are available to help you prepare months before delivery, especially if you are feeling anxious about the birth. 

You can even ask for help from a mom coach the months after your newborn’s arrival. They can help you work through completely normal postpartum issues and provide a structure for new parents as they evolve in the new environment. 

Even as your child grows, mom coaches are available to help you at home and also give structure to mothers that might be returning to work. As the child grows older and work and daily life change, sometimes we can feel overwhelmed. If you catch yourself as a mother years later, not being fully present, a Mom life coach can offer advice on balancing your needed time with your family and more monotonous daily duties.

How is a New Mom Coach Different than a Doula or Therapist?

Becoming a new mom takes help, and that support can come in many different forms. You may already be familiar with some of the people typically enlisted to help during pregnancy and postpartum, like an OBGYN, doula, pediatrician, or therapist. Each of these professionals can serve an important role, and choosing the right provider depends primarily on your goals. 

An OBGYN or sometimes a midwife oversees the prenatal care and delivery of a pregnant woman. While the fetus’s health is under the care of an OB doctor, once the baby is born and becomes independent of its mother, only the birthing mother is the patient. 

A doula provides physical and emotional support for the process of labor and birthing. A lactation consultant provides guidance and education on breastfeeding. And a pediatrician provides healthcare services to an infant, independent of the mother. Each of these roles is vitally important for successful outcomes. But none of these providers help a mother work through her feelings about motherhood, strengthen her boundaries, or build her support systems. 

A new mom coach fills a unique role that is a little less formal than seeing a therapist but still provides that safe space to dig into your feelings. The key advantage of using a new mom coach over a therapist is choosing a coach that aligns with your new mom’s lifestyle goals like being fit and active and losing baby weight.

Final Thoughts on Hiring Mom Coaching

Hiring a new mom coach can be a great choice for first-time moms and experienced mothers alike. Adding a new baby is a big change. Having this extra layer of support can make a big difference for new moms who don’t know quite what to expect. And for more experienced moms who have raised babies before, a new mom coach can support the transition of adding another kid to the mix.

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