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To know Ray is to know a heart motivated by love for others. She is the epitome of an entrepreneur and as creative as they come. But you will never see her embark on a venture that is not centered on the welfare of others. Her first business venture began at the age of 20, when she created the Baby Nurse Company known as Bella Bambini. 

The company quickly grew and blossomed into one of the most elite quality care giving groups in the country. By the age of 22, Ray was managing over 40 employees and providing services internationally! After coaching so many new families through the postpartum period it was only a natural progression to embark on Ray of Solace and expand that coaching in other avenues! 

Her love of people and desire to nurture and cocoon was really able to shine in her Ray of Solace Venture. So it was not surprising when she embarked on yet another venture and became the award winning author of -The Tales of Reese. A book series that helps children facing life threatening illness, delays and setbacks. Her love of children and her strong desire to leave a mark and make a difference, led to the invention of the adorable mouse Reese, who heals and inspires through Imagination.

By the age of 29, Ray had created, owned and operated Four separate Businesses and would soon be proud to be known as the Award Winning Author – Sparkly Ray! With her own life experience and eleven years of coaching behind her, she will pour her whole heart and soul into making sure you take steps to a happier healthier more successful and confident you! She will stop at nothing to make sure you find your path in life and she has an entire concierge dream team at her command waiting to help you succeed! Ray’s signature Bucket list program will help you reach 12 life goals in a years time with companions by your side every step of the way! Meet Ray Today!


Oriana F, New York

Coach Ray is one of the most nurturing people I’ve known and I should know as she has been my “Reese” and loving friend during my battle with Crohn’s disease.

Jordan H, Florida

Most people work toward achieving their own dreams because they think that will bring them satisfaction, but Ray works towards helping other people achieve their dreams.

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