Grocery Shopping With a Newborn: Tips & Tricks

Shopping With Baby

All new moms learn that a visit to the grocery store can become extremely difficult with a newborn baby. The baby may cry and whine while at the store, making the chore take longer. It can also cause embarrassment when fellow shoppers watch as you tend to a crying baby. 

Managing simple tasks properly can make motherhood far more enjoyable, so we plan to take on one of the everyday activities mothers need to re-navigate…grocery shopping. Follow these simple tips and tasks for grocery shopping with a newborn.

Tip One: Bring an Emergency Bag

Babies need attention at all times, even during a trip to the grocery store. For this reason, you should pack a bag with everything you need to care for your baby in the case of an emergency during the outing. 

Some important items to put into your emergency bag include:

  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Changing pad
  • Bottle
  • Pacifier
  • Spare clothes
  • Sound machine
  • Allergy medication

Tip Two: Timing is Everything

Babies dislike long lines more than most, so you want to visit the grocery store during low traffic hours. Most people tend to shop after work and on weekends. If you have the ability to go during a weekday, you may find the lines more manageable, making the trip quicker. 

Tip Three: Write a List

Write a list of the things you need before going to the grocery store. Without a list, you may wander through the aisles randomly without a clear sense of direction. Making a list in advance will help you gather things in an efficient manner that doesn’t take as much time. If possible, organize the list based on category so that you gather all similar items together. 

For example, put all produce together and all dairy items together. 

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Tip Four: Enlist Adult Assistance

We all need a little bit of help now and then. 

If you need to go to the store, ask a friend or family member to help you on your mini-journey. A friend can help you tend to the baby or gather items. Plus, they can keep you company while you go about your chore since babies aren’t necessarily known for stimulating conversation. 

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Tip Five: Park Near Cart Return

When you finally finish shopping, you need to load your car and return the shopping cart. A newborn baby can make the process more taxing than usual. 

Naturally, you can’t leave the baby alone in the car while you return the cart to a distant location. However, bringing the baby with you can add another inconvenience to the already inconvenient tasks.

If you park next to the cart return, you minimize the effort you will need to properly return the cart. Plus, only narcissists leave grocery carts in the parking lot without putting them away. 

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Tip Six: Keep Outings Short

It can be tempting to complete multiple tasks or extended tasks when you go out with your newborn baby. However, the new baby doesn’t have the temperament or the patience to take on the same to-do list you have. 

You need to keep outings short and limit the amount of outings you go to in a day so that you don’t overextend your baby. If the baby can’t keep up with your busy schedule, they will get fussy and only make things more difficult for you. 

Tip Seven: Plan For Hassles

Assume that you will run into problems during your adventure. You need to prepare yourself for tantrums, crying, injury, sanitation updates, and mental exhaustion. 

When you prepare for the worst, you will be better prepared to handle whatever comes your way. Always assume that something will go wrong. That way, you won’t be surprised or make yourself late to the next appointment

Tip Eight: Make Grocery Store Trips a Common Occurrence

The more often a baby visits the grocery store, the more comfortable they will feel about the entire experience. 

Instead of avoiding bringing the baby with you, make trips to the grocery store a regular thing for them. Not only will the baby start to learn appropriate public behavior, but it can become a fun bonding moment for the two of you. 

Tip Nine: Bring Coupons

Babies cost more than most parents expect, so do what you can to minimize costs with coupons and other money-saving tools, such as rewards programs, that keep you within your suddenly tightened budget. 

Naturally, you want to prepare the coupons in advance so that you don’t need to search for anything while paying the cashier, forcing people behind you to wait. In particular, look for savings specifically designed for baby products and other household products. 

Tip Ten: Embrace the Experience 

Grocery store trips can become more than a mundane necessity if you purposefully attempt to enjoy the experience. 

Most moms don’t get out too much, so breathe in the fresh air while you can. Furthermore, this is a time to watch your baby experience the outside world under your care. Enjoy watching them awe at the new senses that surround them. 

Tip Eleven: Put Yourself in the Baby’s Shoes

Your baby may experience some fear or trepidation when they first go out into the world. Do what you can to relate to the possibly scary experience so that you can show empathy when they demonstrate signs of panic instead of getting frustrated with them. 

As you empathize with your baby, you can also learn their tolerance for going out into the public so that you can plan accordingly. 

Tip Twelve: Take Advantage of Technology

Finally, take advantage of the technology available to you by ordering groceries in advance or using a video on a baby-proof tablet to distract the baby and keep them entertained. As all moms know, a distracted baby equals a peaceful baby (for the time being). 

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