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5 Signs You’re a Stressed Out Mom (+Tips to Help)

It doesn’t matter whether you are raising babies, toddlers, or growing kids. They are all demanding in their own ways. Being a mom is rewarding in many ways, but we would be glossing over the real-life struggles if we said it wasn’t also sometimes stressful. Mom’s are under all types of stress, from balancing diaper

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How to Swaddle Transition [Like a Boss Mom]

The swaddle is one of those magical mommy secrets that are a complete lifesaver during those first few months. Swaddling or wrapping a newborn in a blanket to provide a supportive, comforting environment mimics the womb. Your infant is already struggling to adapt to a brand new world, and this one little thing makes things

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Making Your Own Moby Wrap: Simple & Easy [No Sewing]

Babywearing has gained popularity in recent years as advocates of attachment parenting tout its positive benefits on cognitive and emotional development. Attachment parenting evolved from the idea that babies thrive when their caregivers constantly meet their needs. The same ideology also believes that old practices like leaving babies to cry it out cause lifelong anxiety

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Newborn Baby Grunting

Newborn Grunting Have You Worried? Here’s What to Know

Whether you are a new mom or a parenting pro, some infant behaviors can be puzzling to you. One strange sound is an occasional grunt coming from your baby. Is that expected behavior or not? Here are a few things you will want to know about grunting and whether you should be concerned about it. 

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Mom Blowing Bubbles With Son

Best Guide to Stay-At-Home Mom Schedule

With school starting back up for many families, you may want to create a schedule to help you stay organized and keep your sanity. Whether the kids are at home or school, these days can be tense. If you are looking for a great stay-at-home schedule, take a look at this guide designed for those

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Shopping With Baby

Grocery Shopping With a Newborn: Tips & Tricks

All new moms learn that a visit to the grocery store can become extremely difficult with a newborn baby. The baby may cry and whine while at the store, making the chore take longer. It can also cause embarrassment when fellow shoppers watch as you tend to a crying baby.  Managing simple tasks properly can make

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Baby Food Prune Recipe & Benefits

Prunes for Babies Are Amazing! [+ Easy Prune Baby Food Recipe]

If you didn’t already know this, you might be in for an unpleasant surprise. When you first introduce your infant to solid foods, they may become constipated. Until their bodies become adjusted to solid foods, they may experience some blockage for a brief time. But there’s help. Prunes may be just the thing to rescue

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Covert Narcissism Victim

Covert Narcissism: How to Recognize & Respond Powerfully

What is Narcissism? The term narcissist is often utilized to describe people who act selfishly or are overly self-involved. However, narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a legitimate mental health condition that needs to be diagnosed by a qualified medical professional. Someone with this disorder will typically possess an inflated sense of self-importance, require excessive amounts

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Narcissistic Abuse Support Groups

The Best Narcissistic Abuse Support Groups [2021]

Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a specific type of mental condition in which a person possesses a highly inflated sense of their own self-importance. It is also characterized by an excessive need for attention and admiration, troubled relationships, and a distinct lack of empathy for others. Narcissistic individuals will often wear a mask of extreme

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Narcissistic Victim Syndrome

Narcissistic Victim Syndrome: 10 Warning Signs to Know

No one should have to live in an abusive relationship. Unfortunately, narcissistic people can be difficult to identify, and living with a narcissistic individual can lead to a condition known as narcissistic victim syndrome, in which the victim’s mental health and self-confidence are adversely affected.  We’ll cover what narcissistic victim syndrome is, the warning signs,

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Narcissistic Abuse Examples

10 Narcissistic Abuse Examples You Need to Know

Abuse can take on many different forms and faces, and it’s not always apparent to people when they find themselves caught in an abusive relationship. Abuse can come in physical forms, which is more easily recognizable. But it can also come in more obscure forms, including sexual, emotional, psychological, and financial abuse, as well as

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Baby Allergies

Baby Allergies: Symptoms & How Mothers Can Help

Allergies are often thought of as an adult or teenager affliction, but babies can also develop allergies from items in the home, foods they eat, or other particles in the air. When your baby is suffering from allergies, it can be difficult to tell since the little ones cannot tell you they feel ill.  There

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TED Mama holds TED Baby

TED Baby: A Guide for a Worried TED Mama

Life with a newborn is hard work. Between breastfeeding, mom-guilt, looming postpartum depression, and a dozen other things that come with a tiny human dependent on its care, it’s all hard enough! To make it worse, some babies have food intolerance issues that make it even harder. Fussy babies that can’t or won’t fall asleep,

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Elimination diet

Elimination Diet: How, When, & Why To Do It

Have you ever experienced symptoms in your body that you can’t explain? Bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea, or weight gain (or losses) can all mean you have food allergies, sensitivities, or intolerances.  You might be a prime case for considering trying an elimination diet. Sometimes the foods cause non-GI issues like low energy, joint pains, mood

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Weird pregnancy cravings

Weird Pregnancy Cravings? Here’s What They Mean

Cravings are just another one of the joys of pregnancy. They can be weird and wonderful, or just plain weird. Up to 60% of pregnant women say that they experience a change in their taste buds during the nine months, which happens simultaneously as food aversions (when the foods you loved suddenly make you ill). 

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How to Become a Life Coach

How To Become a Life Coach in 5 Easy Steps

If you enjoy helping others reach their full potential, you might be considering how to become a life coach. Over the past few years, many people have taken their mentoring skills and turned them into a business. According to the International Coach Federation, there are 17,000 life coaches in North America. There is a market

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How to start a life coaching business

How To Start a Life Coaching Business Online

If you are wondering – how to start a life coaching business online, there are a few tricks that you will want to know. Some of these steps can help you set yourself apart from others as you build the best business that will work towards your career goals. Here are a few tips to

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Life Coaching 101

Life Coaching 101: Definition, Benefits, and FAQ

We have all heard the term life coach, but what does that mean? When someone is searching for answers in their life, a professional coach can help them navigate through their emotions and feelings. If you have always wondered about a life coach and what these professionals do for a living, make sure to keep

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