5 Best Outdoor Baby Swings for Fun & Safety

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Do you remember the simple joys of swinging as a child? Your toddler can experience that same excitement with one of these five best outdoor swings. Not only are they safe and sturdy, but they’re also perfect for developing motor skills.

Your baby will have endless fun and exercise. But with all these brands out there, which one is suitable for your bundle of joy? Not to worry -we’ve researched it for you! Here are the five best outdoor baby swings that will make your adorable tots love you even more.

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1. Little Tikes Snug and Secure Swing

This swing is relatively safe with its T-bar and straps to secure your youngster in place. You can relocate the bar and straps to the rear of the swing. This lets your child swing without any restrictions. This swing is made of plastics and ropes and is priced affordably at $26.99.

Here are some features to check out:

  • Lightweight and affordable
  • Shoulder straps with a variable width
  • T-bar to facilitate access
  • Detachable shoulder straps and T-bar 

Many parents find this swing to be quite durable and well-constructed. The safety clasps are beyond reach for any rugrats. They can even fall asleep without making a noise since the seating material feels like a soft cushion.

It’s also easy to get in and out, especially when suspending the seat from a tree limb. Using a canvas or nylon swing strap is better than a chain wrapped directly around the branch is best. Remember, the chain can break after repeated usage.

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2. Ecotribe Wooden Horse Swing

This durable swing has a bucket-shaped seat made out of rope cords and birch wood. It costs $74.97, which is on the pricier side of things. With that in mind, here are some fantastic features:

  • Environmentally responsible
  • Animal-shaped bucket seats 
  • Weather-resistant

Here are some factors that need some improvements:

  • 44-pound maximum weight
  • The price is relatively expensive

This adorable wooden horse swing makes an excellent present. It looks much better in person than in photographs.  

3. Eastern Jungle Gym Swing

This swing has a high back and anti-pinch plastic-coated chains to ensure your child’s safety. The bucket seat is made of rust-resistant copolymer plastic with excellent durability. The price for this jungle of fun is around $49.99.

Here are some vital features:

  • Simple bucket design
  • Backrest-equipped booster seat
  • Adjustable chain 
  • Chain with a plastic covering for protection

Here are some factors to improve:

  • Fitting the baby’s legs through the leg openings is difficult
  • Security strap is an added expense

Your child will swing for hours and even fall asleep in this apparatus. You can push higher without the fear of falling.

The swing arrived with an excessive amount of chain. The only drawback is that the chain links did not match the connection set. You will need to purchase two adapters from a hardware shop for around $5.

4. Little Tikes High Back Swing

This is the perfect transition from a baby swing to a big swing set. The seat belt and sculpted center support will keep your child in place and prevent them from sliding down the seat. This plastic bench with ropes is available for $21.99.

Here are some features we like:

  • Affordable and lightweight
  • A padded chair with back support and a safety belt
  • Robust and weatherproof ropes
  • Wide leg openings for enhanced comfort

In addition to the bucket, there is a belt to secure your little rascal in the swing. It’s pleasant for any youngster to ride in since the leg openings have ample amount of space. This is ideal for children who are not yet comfortable on a “normal” swing. 

5. Step 2 Toddler to Infant Swing

Little ones can hang onto the rope while being pulled by an adult. As they get older, they can pump their legs to swing on their own. The plastic seat swing has a solid and durable rope. This swing seat costs around $39.99.

Here are some features we adore:

  • User-friendly design for simple loading
  • High back for neck and back support
  • Safety mechanism to protect your toddler
  • Weatherproof cordage

Here are some factors to improve:

  • The rope is short, which lifts the baby high off the ground
  • Complex safety mechanism

This easy-to-install swing can provide your toddler with endless hours of fun.

Swing Yourself Towards Becoming a Well-Balance Mom

mom and child swinging

Your child means the world to you, which is why you invest time and money in getting them the best swing set. But parenthood doesn’t stop there; it can get pretty stressful. So, let’s dive in further to discuss ways to live a balanced life as a parent and strengthen your bond with your adorable toddler:

Wellness Coach

Finding a parent mentor is essential for learning new ways of connecting and engaging with your child. These individuals can be in the form of a wellness coach. They can educate you about various parenting methods, like:

The goal is to motivate and inspire so you love every minute and second of motherhood. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed, but these mom coaches will evaluate what you are doing and create strategies to simplify your routine. That way, you have more time with your friends and family and love your baby even more.

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Forgive Yourself

“What kind of mother would do that to her child?” These words are every mother’s nightmare. We’re sure you’ve had these thoughts on occasion, so let’s be direct, “YOU NEED TO FORGIVE YOURSELF!”

Self-forgiveness does not mean you are rid of any responsibility. It allows you to see yourself as “human.” You know you love your little angels and will do anything to protect them. However, you are human, and people do make mistakes. The important part is recognizing the issue and preparing for positive changes.

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Identify Your Triggers

According to Psych Central, a trigger is anything that causes a memory tape or flashback that transports the individual back to the traumatic experience that caused the initial trauma. People tend to avoid circumstances and stimuli that they believe will provoke flashbacks.

Keep in mind that your child can push your buttons at times. After all, they are experts in this field. You are responsible for understanding your triggers to construct a response plan rather than reacting impulsively.

Are you looking for strategies to maintain a healthy balance as a mom? Check out our services to see how we can help you!

TO Swing or Not To Swing, That is The Question

mom and child swinging

If your child is craving for hours of fun in the great outdoors, then swing away. This equipment is a great way to get some exercise, fresh air, and sunshine. 

Don’t forget that great parenting is more than just fun toys and games. We know how challenging this life can be, which is why we do all the grunt work for you.
We’ve narrowed it down to our five favorite outdoor swings. We also provided you with some guidance in balancing parenthood and life. So whether you’re looking for a traditional swing set or some mentorship on being the best parent, connect with us today; we got you covered.

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